so softly flowers grow through the blood bray of the cello

thick slate clouds wound darkest jet night skies

violin raindrops patter at rough leather faces

rusted horns rip questions through shell shocked silence

the angelic chorus spit out ragged sutures


seraphim explode in ears blocked with mud

Hosanna in excelsis

the armed man goes to war

Hosanna in excelsis


metals fizz and limbs pop

as poppies rise from battered bone

organs tear as bullets stop

the armed man is armed no more.

benedictuskarl jenkinsthe armed man

◄ blossoms

i cant take you tonight but i will be back for you so pack a bag ►


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Stu Buck

Thu 21st Jul 2016 19:32

Thanks ray. I wrote this as the song was playing in real time so i hope I got some of the flow. Quench the flames of soul fire is excellent!

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Thu 21st Jul 2016 18:02

Very inspired Stu, and having heard the piece now, am impressed by the interweaving of violence and peace, a real coup. Lovely writing full of tension and release. In honour of this just for you I have now done a poem as follows: In slumber I lay confined
with the only true peace of mind
the fire ahead
music strong and floating
to quench the flames
of soulfire.


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Stu Buck

Thu 21st Jul 2016 09:44

not what the piece is about but this what i have in my mind each time i listen to it., such a wonderful piece of music, if you dont know it, listen to it here;

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