Time eludes us,
Or maybe,
It dilutes our sensitivity to the minutes passing by.
Idly, and without notice,
They slip away in days, weeks, months and years.
We grow up thinking our favorite shows will air forever,
That routines viewed through a bedroom door frame are entitled to infinity.
In twelve years we stretch from the slightest comprehension of the world, into a biased adolescent arrogance, not knowing, or caring if we’re wrong.
We’re taught in our youths that life now, is what life consists of.
We assume that our friendships will outlast the sun.
Not knowing their disintegration had already begun.
Not once do we think that what is today,
May not be tomorrow.
We dream.
We sleep in ignorant bliss,
Happily in a cocoon made of subconscious blinders,
A dreamcatcher hanging hypothetically in our minds, assuring no nightmares can get through to our weak psyche.
But eventually we wake up.
Startled at first, our eyes struggle to focus in the light,
And we quench our dry mouths with a bottle of lost memories.
Anything to help ease the pain of being thrust into this state of consciousness the universe has placed us in.
We stumble and grasp at frayed ends;
Scattered strands of rope,
Left over from successors who long before found a way out.
Before we know it,
We're in basements,
Bars, and backyards under the stars.
Laughing with new friends.
Making new memories and plans.
Ten years ago feels like yesterday as we relive what we thought life would consist of forever,
While sitting across the table from someone we only met months prior.
We couldn't stay eighteen forever,
And we couldn't stay that way forever.
But we can do our best to ensure the rest of our days
Are full of life and things we hope will last forever.


adolescencegrowing up


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