Lustful company

She dabs on a bit of lipstick 
To show that she's not sad 
Walking down the rain drenched concrete 
Passers-by are almost fooled 
Until they see her eyes 

Those two always betray her 
Red and framed with sparkling tears 
Can't be bothered to wipe them away 

Alone on a stool 
Head in hand 
The red has stained her glass 
With kisses she never meant to give 

Other patrons try to cheer her 
Offering to buy her rounds 
As if drinking such bitterness 
Could make a person smile 

What had she expected to find in such a place as this? 
She'd hoped for company 
And encountered only lust

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Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz

Mon 11th Jul 2016 20:48

Thank you to all three of you for commenting. My apologies for not replying to you each individually. Much appreciated

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Mon 11th Jul 2016 05:14

I've visited this place Alexandra, in my own life. I'm drawn to your darkness In a familiar way. I love it because I feel your pain, you're able to articulate your emotions really well. Dope

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Emer Ni Chorra

Sat 2nd Jul 2016 20:53

I really like this piece, sad but raw and authentic.


Fri 1st Jul 2016 03:57

My goodness, Alexandra..there's a terrible sadness in this. A sense of aloneness encountered all too much in a world so supposedly interconnected as ours.

And, you can't neglect the feminist aspect of how we are trained to "wear our faces"..much to think of in this.


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