Valparaiso 1980 modern guilt...

Bob Dylan 

Guided people to their places

In the cemetery

Wearing a top hat

We were gone


To Valparaiso

The Horn was sick and busy

I vomited my breakfast.

Pinochet welcomed us

With hands held out.

Marlborough and whiskey and 

Threats with burp guns.

Dont mention Pablo…

Don’t mention the Stadium de Santiago.

Dragging mind in dirt

Like fifty filthy pieces of denial 

Love has died

Poetry is dead

The girl let me hold her buttocks

$20 for more

Poetry is dead

I stagger on stained and dread

High on the squaller and fear

Whiskey washing my head

Whisper the Stadium

Shy half smiles that beg you to

Fuck off and keep us safe.

I wonder why they don't just laugh

at Americas latest joke

We thought the English are nice

Why are you the generals friend

It isn’t me

Twenty years later I still 

Cry with guilt….



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Drinking was dangerous. ►


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Thu 16th Jun 2016 23:37

It is definitely pretty powerful stuff..there's enough here to make even the most painfully ignorant soul curious about past goings-on down south..if this doesn't, probably nothing will.

Glad I didn't overlook this one, Phil,


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 14th Jun 2016 15:26

Here a bit of Joe just for us mate.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 14th Jun 2016 15:23

Oh Phil,

fantastic mate. The disgust felt when through no fault of your own you find yourself allied to the most repellent of men. Most will never feel this sickness at first hand as described here. The conflict caused by duty, what a horrible reflection that is when cast in nostalgia.

The introduction of betrayal, booze and fumbling's conveys the overarching seediness and treachery of the whole fucking campaign (to come later)

I think your best I've seen on here mate, sodden with authenticity.

I can't say enough, but probably have.


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