My Demon

Many words Ive put to papers in an effort to taper
the stress of life's capers hoping it vanishes like vapor 
but their lies deep inside a wound that hides and may never find treatment 
an indecent demon dreaming of beatings so frequent
No reason for the recent fleeting secret meetings and agreements
he's attempting quite tenaciously to tear this tainted wound open voraciously 
and fatally, therefore courageously I grasp gracefully
To my shameful past which was blatantly
Tossed into the trash mistakenly 
I have wandered my mind aimlessly, now I find my task
I have gratefully pondered a powerful and potent Paradigm, at long last
I try to see the World Behind Clear Eyes so I may find Sublime and surprise
I thrive when I'm baptized washing away my disguise
 A disguise which I strive to shed hoping I'll survive the test 
at times I realize how much I do despise this charade
and so I scrutinize this contrived facade 
But I feel victimized and writhe from pains so sharp and broad.

Pains uncontrollable and insufferable

Leaving me inconsolable and begging for God.


Emotional paindepressed

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