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For now, it’s all I’ve got

Memories of happier times

Now nothing in the pot

Reduced to a wasteful soul

Nothing left to live for

Just got my begging bowl


Stubble adorns my face

Armpits smelling high

Lost the pride and the grace

Sitting with my blanket and dog

Asking if anyone has any ‘spare’ change

People look at me and break into a jog


People give more to the dog

Than they ever do to me

I’m just left surrounded in my dark grey fog

Nowhere to sleep tonight

No money to go anywhere

Slowly losing the will to fight


In a shop doorway

Trying to sleep and shut out the cold

Waiting for the dawn of the next depressing day

It’s not what you had

It’s what you have lost

That leaves you cold, weeping and sad




◄ Holiday time

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