I opened my heart for all to be seen

an overwrought shadow of a former once me

beaten, bruised with a spirit so low

hanging as the leaves of a weeping willow

What wrong,I had shown, was cut ever more

For showing the hurt  

kept in most others, special draw.

"your pathetic", "so bloody weak"

cruel to the worst 

Nor can I bury the love that I  seek

worthless fool for caring too much

a love in a tangle of passion and lust

death of the purest sweetened divine

beauty so special once, is not  mine

oh wicked, cruel fate of worldly unjust

release  my trapped soul, cast my body as dust

forgive me for being pitiful, if you can

 a pathetic, broken excuse of a man




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Patricio LG

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:51

You got it spot on David.. Thank you

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 31st Jan 2016 14:40


As Stu say's there is a lot going on in here, I like it.

You convey that sense of no return to the former self, once the damage has been done. Often it is the guilt which shatters a person.

I think that is conveyed really well here.


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Patricio LG

Sun 31st Jan 2016 14:34

Thank you so much stu, a comment by you is very welcome.. Very welcome indeed.

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Stu Buck

Sun 31st Jan 2016 13:44

excellent patricio. there is all sorts going on, fragility, self loathing, biting sarcasm, cynicism, hope. a lovely read, and (cleverly), reveals more the more you look at it (quite like a pearl...)

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