Purposeful Purpose

Picturesque life with an ideal family.


If only my perception could transfer to a book.


Pages and pages of it sloppily written.


Where I could give everyone a small glimpse of my outlook.


Aimless decisions and purposeless acts,


Turn into my haphazard life forged by untouched facts.


Forget a day in my shoes


Try a day in my mind


Pointlessly searching knowing there’s nothing to find.


Can’t even handle the harsh reality


Hanging from the side of a mountain


Trying my hardest to get a grip


What makes me more tired? 


The searching


Or the anticipation?


Maybe even the constant disappointment.


Wishing for the things that I once had.


Forcing myself to keep the pace. 


But how can I when half the time,


The progress is empty.


I miss love, I misjudge,


I make up scenarios in my head.


Just a misfit without guidance


I could end up dead


I long for something to wake up for in the morning.


A purpose more purposeful than anything ever.


I’m yearning.


And passionate for all the wrong things.


Can I give my flaws a wedding ring?



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