Bowl Of Earth

Hey, and now bring me that ladder
As I descend into the bland peppermill
All corns black, with shrunken visage
A crystal glass cracks under the wooden crutch


She walks in the rain, palms direct a flume
Deluge in saccharine amputees, firelight trivia
Storms opened in the swirl of bourbon
A centurion pointed, the thundercloud advances


And as the umbrella detached from the Rolex
An arm swung down, opens and reflections
Her face in the window, tired and bereaved
An agency reject, her mind as the pot seethes


Coat-stand, knives, the flash of scarlet
Drips on the floor, a passion-soaked scream
An aeroplane crossing the broken sky outside
All thought once as a bowl of earth, now summons a fire


Inside the passengers gaze unseeing
Through endless sheets of grey waste
One moves, the aisle sideways turns
A glimmer of a scene briefly shown


Hysteria, the cries of the baby’s spectre
Cabin announcement blurs the thought
And one quick moment through the glass
Forgotten as soon as it came


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