the muslim's tale ii

above his door this message he proclaimed
'without history told true - only law remains'
thus no judge made he between shia and sunni
nor of hadith for he knew allah perfect he

let the heavens in their spirits move
in aged remembrance twice removed
still we hear that song of spheres
ungranted youth devoid of tears

let sorrow flow from cherished books
to theĀ false faith so proud be damned
maggots grey shall eat their eyes
as laughing wind takes off their sighs

care not for him who in battle's heat
tricks angels wings to carry him
past those who lived in submission
and never struck the cutting strike

the thief who steals by dead of night
feeds the very devil thrice
let him bask in flames sublime
forever satan's concubine

thus he answered all who sought advice
outside his door - offered lamb was laid
question asked - then backed away
when the bell was sounded - answer came

O pure and honest life of women free
between the mountain and the sons of man
beauty beyond all that lays within a span
tenfold blessed lived the old man of mountain

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