into the woods iv

final came the wrath of the lord
in instrument stout tory sword
material of hammered beryl
formal amazon made polecat feral
by efficient harpie's screams
you'll all agree or so it seems
perfect aristotle's four causes
of why she bought no roses
to decorate the family font
but swam across the hellespont
to the catholic and the universal
for she could make no reversal
on doctrinal points about priestesses
preferring incense'd men in dresses
candles books and bells and all creations
of mysterious transubstantiation
and though she kept the family seat
now she held it passionate
beryl's ordination may have sparked the storm
this lady's wrath in actual form
found ironic and surprising turn
when in no matter would she affirm
except through matter of virgin mary
thus justified in faith was she

and so she came to join the group
parked on logs in spreading wood

behold mortals and be afraid
I am the epiphany of this glade
witness round on all sides
all my creatures and all my spites
that will devour you if you run
the blackest dogs to eat tongue
flying elves will catch all cries
crush them bursting in bulging eyes
my satyrs be half man half goat
will seize by force life out from your throat
your hearts and livers lungs and lights
on them they'll feast in cold delight
and you two women in frenzy climbed
will rip the men limb from limb
ecstatically they will screech a laugh
holding high leg or arm as fennel staff
then naked I shall make them be
to sleep amid the blood run free
to wake at dawn to beg repent
emein the chunks of skin you ate

or if you stay to take my task
in my love you all shall bask
for I provide the finest joys

I need only point that wine will flow
name your delight it will be so
tonight you dine commes des rois

each of you will tell a story
that best describes the glory
of you monotheistic God

and saying thus the prologue ends
thank you all dear friends
for staying with this gaudy
of motley and of fools


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