into the woods 2

perfumed pines did sweetly smell
as velvet night enclosed and fell
the waning moon revealing curve
as one by one the stars above
betook their place in constellation
to hold counsel of our conversation
as we looked across those grassy marshes
settling into peace and darkness
at the horizon touched by the sun
the crashing sea but as a hum
as constant as the flow of blood
in an ear when touched by love

well chosen was this spot in truth
an amphitheater to stage our proofs
with each a log and formed around
a pit of fire - should stoa need be found
the trees that crept up to the clearing
made perfect place within hearing
where those in private might go
and stay within the fire glow
to consider or to prove a point
then take their place again in light

next there came with camera crew
a muslim man well known on news
if an editor needed rash comment
eagerly he'd shout and vent
of bushy beard and eastern dress
his raven eye caused much distress
to many with his bumptious claim
that christmas was a vicious game
for turkey was a muslim land
and so it was with slight of hand
christians on the twenty fifth
dined full fat on muslim flesh
perhaps he did not know the bird
nor if was true what he had heard
not that it mattered for his views
were controlled by magic jews
if wrong or so he asserted
when from his mouth error blurted
like when he said for a happy life
a man must have at least ten wives
this he claimed on television
but quickly he made forced revision
in ideal world he claimed in wit
for he was claiming benefit
and therefore under sharia law
he was clearly far too poor
for ten wives and support them
magic jews again had tricked him
or so he told the documentary
but it was all elementary
come glorious day this great man
would pigs and monkeys all confound

a note need be added here
in case my satyr too severe
in no way do I suggest
those holy by the prophet blessed
by this man are represent
but when I asked he was sent
and yes I fear him too extreme
a moderate of high esteem
was what was asked not what I got
and so I must accept my lot
just as chaucer got the bawdy miller
this man will do as comic filler

besides if this verse sees light of day
it must to the fashion play
and this chap is never off the screen
so popularity must needs obscene


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