The Gathering

After the gathering, where life used to be abundant, once a population explosion, food became scarce, rich became poor, now humans were a redundant species. they lay dead, carcasses sprawled everywhere, rotting flesh, a fowl stench in the air, not one person even cared.


The gatherers, lords of wealth, considerable geniuses, a class of scientists, masters of stealth

they designed machines, dedicated eradicators of mankind, 

computers in human skulls;

resonating mind

skelebots, laser guns in hand, 

a back up button claims 'stop', 

when the time is right, 'Stop'

machines drop without a fight.


Bots, agile, articulate, skilled  to self repair, humanity is a mistake, they will fix the error, with an instant terror

starting a new world order

creating machines by the thousands modern styled slaves, the geniuses thought with arrogance on their faces

soon the world will be rid of the human race, protecting only man capable of keeping the pace.


rest, there is none, men sleep no more, 24 hours of machines that are at war

they are strong, need no rest

not evil, yet calculated to the core

ridding the world of the human bore

binary logarithms, calculating the final score. Killing for killing from door to door.



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