Dear Queen, i'm ten years old

and I like you a lot,

and also Dear Queen

my mum is forty, she's a fan

and my dad likes Prince Phillip.


      My brother thinks like me

      and likes all the royal family.

      Dear Queen my cousin is twelve

      and he's also a fan

      and my sister likes Prince Harry.


Prince Willam and Kate are gorgeous

and quite natural with people like us.


      Dear Queen, i'm ten years old

      in case you have forgotten.

      My uncle is fifty, and really loyal

      he likes Princess Anne

      because she stands up for herself.


My grandma is a big supporter

and she likes what you stand for.

My granddad would like you as well

but he's dead, so would you

please say a prayer for him?


      Dear Queen, i'm ten years old

      in case you have forgotten.

      My family all love you a lot and

      would like to see more of you


and we're sad that we can't

and can only dream that someday soon

we might be seeing a royal occasion

and we hope Prince Phillip will be there.


      Prince Phillip has been alive so long

      we think he's really special

      and very feisty.

      Prince Charles is good for the planet

      but we don't think he'll ever be king.


Excuse me asking Ma'am

but will you have a big state funeral?

at least we'll see you then

and could Prince Phillip cope

on his own, and would he

be living all alone?


      Dear Queen, i'm ten years old

      in case you have forgotten

      and we're not sure if we'll be able

      to ever see any of the royal family


      because of all the planning


      and the barriers


      but if we don't,    we won't


      forget you.







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Fri 15th Jan 2016 10:07

Thanks Wolfgar. Just a teaser/pleaser this, and it all feels dated now. Gotcha. Ray

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 15th Jan 2016 06:47


a great representation of remoteness, manufactured and manipulated by the state. I am not anti-Royal should anyone misinterpret my comment.

Established protocol? that's a different matter.

Very good stuff Ray.


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