The Dying Man

The Dying Man

I wrote a letter today
And threw it out into the sea
When you get it, just know that I love you wholeheartedly
Right now, you live with the breeze on the sandy shores
In a castle upon fortunes galore
Whilst I rot in shambles in this broken shed
Worry not my love, think of me as dead
I write to you, with tear drops and red blood ink
My love for you shall never shrink
And to think that tonight might be my last
I think of you once more and all our moment's pasts
Upon my dying breath,I call your name and shed one last tear
Sayonara, to our good years...

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Lady Denyse

Mon 11th Jan 2016 00:10

Whew! Glad to hear it! Well, then. You did great!

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Smash Lee

Sun 10th Jan 2016 18:56

It's from a scene from a movie. I was inspired to write about it. A man who lives in an old broken shed by the ocean is dying and sends his farewell letter in a bottle into the sea hoping that it'll reach the one he loves back home.

Lady Denyse

Sat 9th Jan 2016 22:08

This sounds like a cry for help. I hope that you are ok!

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