Village Gothic

Those boughs that bend in the wind,

flustered, flapping, mirror a mind

crocheted, closed for solar influence

in wasted lands of blasted heath.

The droll footsteps of the flocks

come winding, paths shorn, cris-crossing.


Letters delivered through the post-box

now leaning, drunk-angled through twigs

that break as the snap of bones

through winter’s chill.


And down

A fuming road drive the flocks,

stretching thistle and gorse to blurred, grained,

cinema-screened haze.

‘Wake’, the bells cry, ‘Wake’,

down steps in rapid water streaming;


2015New Polemic

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Lady Denyse

Thu 7th Jan 2016 11:10

Nice alliteration, loved this.

Patrick Rushe

Wed 6th Jan 2016 19:08

Loved this poem...

crocheted, closed for solar influence

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