A Kiss Farewell With No Regret

As the minutes tick by
Seconds taking hours
To reach their goal
I ask myself
Is he here?!

Standing alone in a sea full of faces
People turning from my 
Penetrating gaze
And I ask myself 
Is he here?!

Eyes closing, inwardly searching
Thwarting the orgy of noise 
Head against the wall 
And I tell myself
He   is   here! 

The countdown begins

Ten, nine, eight
Eyes open 

Seven, six, five
Mind uncloaked

Four, three, two
Red wine smile plastered on

One ....

A quick prayer

I do not care
He   is   not   here

Raising glasses, toasting in
The New Year
With new hopes and dreams 
Untrodden - unbroken
I ask myself
Am I here?

The universe opens its arms
Asking for wishes 
Promising fulfilment, 
And I ask myself
Am I here? 

The old year is gone - mine to
I kiss it farewell 
With no regret
And I tell myself
I      am     here!

And here               And here





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Vicki Ayers

Sat 2nd Jan 2016 17:55

Thank you x

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Sat 2nd Jan 2016 12:58

Beautifully written and uplifting. A joy to read x

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