Shut Up and Write

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At a recital

The other night

I had to restrain

With all my might

From wiping my arse

On the written shite

That was spouted from

Mouths so vain, so trite


I took myself

Away from that place

Full of whisky

Full of disgrace

And flushed my ego 

Down the pan

I just can’t bear 

To be that man



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Thu 5th Nov 2015 19:43

There is no other way to self discovery, otherwise we are governed by shadows! Unfortunately, guilt is often the ruin of us. Although it can a killer, it can also tricked into submission. Ray

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Thu 5th Nov 2015 15:33

I think I've blown your cover Harry.
I think you're referring to the preacher. He who knows how the world works - in his favour.

Ray .

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Harry Palmer

Thu 5th Nov 2015 08:56

Thankyou Lynn...I am now shutting up and writing, no more talking to myself in rooms full of people ignoring each other.
A man actually read his poem to me privately and after doing so said "Its good isn't it" well what can I say.

Lynn Hamilton

Thu 5th Nov 2015 08:18

Morning Harry. I like your words. This piece led me to have a gander at your others which I enjoyed too. Lynn

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