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I remember eyeshine, smear,

transparency and flow;

sunshine flooding corners, floors

and walls awash with haze.


I remember fractal lattice, mimicking

a frosty imprint; winter strings

of spider-ladders swaying

in the breeze.


You remember nothing.


I remember cills of jungle, chewing gum

in silent gazing,          

fingering a smiley face           

in fag-ash crazy paving.


I remember teasel sprayed in silver;

Christmas decoration.

Tinsel hung from curtain hooks

in nauseous anticipation.


You remember nothing.


I remember

multi-coloured puddled wax

kirby grips and dirty combs

melded dun of dinosaurs

in plasticine and play-doh;

dinner tickets, fraying ribbon

dominos and fake carnations

curtains closing

bottled rage

tooth and claw

unsheathed in shade

cinder-fists and scalded shame

decades laced in hate.


And you










Photo courtesy of Richard Nixon of Rich Pictures                                                                            


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Alex Smith

Wed 27th Jan 2016 22:23

I love the explosion of imagery paired with simmering rage! I feel like the relentless disconnectedness of it is perfect for expressing unwelcome memory. Really nice!

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Laura Taylor

Fri 2nd Oct 2015 13:03

Ha! Can't believe you had the teasel too!! :D

Many thanks Stuart. I had ideas for the photo for ages, but it took a certain recent event for them to crystallise.

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Stu Buck

Thu 1st Oct 2015 22:22

this is wonderful. mixing nostalgia with repression and anger. a tough subject dealt with beautifully with subtlety and touches of humour. and i remember teasels sprayed silver as well. i use to put googly eyes on them and pretend they were hedgehogs. northern Christmases!

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Laura Taylor

Thu 1st Oct 2015 11:46

Many thanks Ray :) I really enjoyed writing it :)

Ooo yes, we will! Just got a great big log from another local park t'other night :D

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Wed 30th Sep 2015 20:47

Hi Laura. I just delved into Perspective. Bowled over I was by the sheer beauty of imagery and the way you hammer in the emotion with the words. No way out, compelling. Now I am pleased that you like at least one of my efforts ! All the best in the darkling days to come with logs and fella. regards, Ray

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