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I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 are for
 the promises
 that were broken,
 and for
 all the days
 that I
 could never
 take back.
 are for
 the woman
 who put
 her faith
 and trust
 in me,
 and for what I
 put her through.
 Had I loved you gently,
 these letters
 would’ve been
 and had I
 that what you needed
 was sincerity,
 I’d wake up to you
 and not to the Sun,
 not to an empty bed.
 We’ve moved on
 with our lives,
 and it’s not so bad.
 But late one night
 I saw a couple
 down the street;
 the boy
 gave the girl
 The Look
 while she was
 none the wiser,
 I found myself
 thinking of you.
 We’ve moved on
 with our lives,
 and it’s not so bad.
 I try to tell myself
 that I’m happy.
 on some days,
 it just gets
 incredibly lonely.
 Even through the scars
 on more than just
 your skin,
 you’re amazing.
 But Darling,
 how I wished
 I’d never have given
 them to you
 in the first place.
 Can you ever
 forgive me?
 Can you be
 strong enough
 for the two of us?
 Because I
 lost the will
 to forgive myself
 a long time ago.
 How could I hurt you?
 How could I leave you behind?
 You were the one person
 who never deserved
 to get hurt again.
 I lost something
 I lost the time
 that I
 could have spent
 by your side.
 By losing you,
 I lost more than just
 a piece of me.
 I was stupid!
 I was wrong!
 It’s all my fault!
 I’m sorry!
 I’m sorry!
 I’m sorry!
 I’m sorry!
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.
 I’m sorry.

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