the berlin wall

We were sat on the U-Bahn in Berlin

My soon to be wife and I

After a long day shopping and sightseeing

A tramp boarded at Gleisdreieck

He stank of his own shit

Wretched and base

Freshly lain

He shuffled up the middle of the train

As people leered and ogled his plight

This once proud human

That bleeds the same colour as all of us

Reduced to a foul shit stink

My wife and I sunk low in our seats

As the man begged for change we all had

But would not give

He got out at Prinzen├čtrase

Leaving the foul stench of disappointment

Thick in our throats

A couple of stops later we disembarked

Returned to our hotel

Through snow lined streets

Our breath exploding in front of us

Hands deep in our fleeced pockets

As soon as we got in we ordered room service

Laying on our bed

Our stomachs full

We made love amongst the wreckage

While outside the smell of frozen shit

Lingered in the air

Like so much regret

berlin wall

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