A voice claims my attention

foreign and disembodied


I walk dripping from the shower

to the bedroom.

On the bed a fresh white towel lay folded

and upon that my 'phone.

It's her.

Two women in my room

one does the bidding

for the other

The ring-tone

female and Japanese.

I place the vibrating 'phone

upon the dresser.

Taking the towel from

the bed l dry myself and

lay upon fresh sheets.

And sigh.

She calls again.

The voice again enquires:


in an increasingly irritable tone.

I stare at the ceiling.

She calls again.

I turn my back on her enquiry

and lay staring

with my eyes closed



words and foto Tommy Carroll

◄ Kon nichi wa

Calligraphy ►


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 6th Jun 2015 17:06

Oh, I do like this, Tommy. Although I can't yet imagine a Japanese' ring-tone. You pull the readers right inside the room. And leave us hanging for more detail. Admirable technique.
I spent six weeks in Japan some years back, in Tokyo specifically, but travelling about. So I heard 'konnichiwa' a lot.

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