Yes Men

“Yes” said the man, “I’ll give it all I can,

though to be quite frank I do not understand”

“That’s precisely what we need young man,

you’ll go far if you just stick to that simple plan”

So said the man in grey who hustled out all those

who showed any initiative, as therein trouble grows…


For this world is run by suits that haven’t any clue

they simply say yes to the boss, that’s all they ever do

and so talent isn’t any way to get on in the ministry

better to have no thoughts at all and stick to symmetry

the slightest sign of original thought will lead to the door

as no matter who we elect to serve, they must always ignore


Democracy is bound and gagged at every stage they can

one vote every 5 years before they dump their published plan

and so we make no progress, as the brakes remain locked on

for the suits don’t use their brains, they only use their sit upon

to keep their precious jobs whatever that might mean for us

that’s why Yes men drive smart cars and bright guys use the bus…



January 27th 2015

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 7th Feb 2015 10:47

Thanks for commenting. They are one breed that won't be in the dole queues for a while. Best wishes, Dave.

Preeti Sinha

Sat 7th Feb 2015 07:57

Very true

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