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There is a rawness to us all we fight and fall just to have it all painting a picture for the world to see not what we are but who we want to be beauty and terror all in one we don't want our flaws to be seen by none we live our lives but most of the time we forget and allow harsh words inside to control how broken we really are only time will tell if it leaves a scar forever searching to please the view and needs of others not giving yourself the credit you'd rather let it take a hold of you guiding you in what you shouldn't do be proud of you smile be kind to your soul because before you know life is over and a heavy burden sits on your shoulder like a bat in the night take flight and be free if he intended you to be perfect in the eyes of man we would all be the same no personality just the same old same old with no purpose to express or voice to hear just another empty soul with no other choice but to follow I wish our women would support each other.

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