Rant (written 2009)

My soul weeps for this world with its blood that is cursed

With such evil; to life these men do their worst.

If a river collected the tears that have dried up in vain

A thousand nations could be saved from their thirst.

I rage with lost hope and am consumed with fear

At the destruction of this gift so pricelessly dear

Feeling so helpless, for how can one voice alone

Defy society? I feel surrendered to a future drear.

A future where children in their infancy

Are trained with machine guns to fight for "their" country,

God bless those child soldiers, those puppets of war

Forced into killing when they should be free.

A future where the landscape lies barren and dry

Rainforests long chewed up, all remains left to die.

And the corporate bastards with fat wallets don't give a shit

That not one bird nor butterfly circles the sky.

A future where industry chokes our once clean air

With toxic fumes, and don't they care?!

About the suffering caused as long as there's profit?

Their ears tuning out the howls of despair.

When will we fight back against nuclear wars

Global warmind, animal testing, slaves and child whores?

When will we take some pride back - just look at us!

Grovelling before the government on all fours.

We're not seen as individuals, we're seen as a mass

United by ignorance but divided by class.

Those in power lord it over us as though we are toys

And infiltrate poison into our lives like a noxious gas.

◄ Warning To All Flying Insects!

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Thu 9th Oct 2014 19:59

I love this!!! Couldn't agree with you more. Your great rhythm and word choice drives your points

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