Nine Diamonds

Nine Diamonds

We are the keepers of the green
The blue, the gold, the sienna blood
We are the makers of royal love
Upon crystal clouds of daydreams

We seek the handicapped in humanity
To shift, to ally, to share the weight
We strip the pretense, no time for that
For the humanity is our handicap

We are equals, right down the line
In our interest we choose no hate
We find meaning in the undefined
The devil's dose does not discriminate

We sustain by grace of the sun
Entertain like roots to water
We are they, but not other
All is one, but one is none

We are the synapses of the Earth
Fluid progress to protect all that is her
We thrive for all that we strive for
Generations forever more

We explode like shooting stars
Leaving our trails upon your feet
We're always one step away
In the direction to be complete

We are not the enemy
Bolder than a military
We play nice and love hard
Share space and open hearts

We build bridges for our minds
All-night playgrounds to unwind
We're star children for all time
Never lost track of our design

We face the winds of wisdom
Gain strength from pain and logic
We breathe shelter into the light
Merely our past, once so toxic

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