Well now, maybe I’ll tell now some of my story

No glory here though

I was a fifty’s baby. A lucky baby maybe

Some would say when everything was grey

I was born to it

When you wore a suit  to go for a shit

As long as it was grey, or black

Looking back it would seem I was part of

Conceived at the start of

A changing, rearranging youth.

The truth is, it couldn’t come too soon

They were going to dance  to a different tune.

At the start were the Teds, with manicured heads

And hair like the arse of a duck, they didn’t give a fuck

Wearing suits which were zoot  while their girls looked cute         

In their pencil skirts  and tailored shirts

Bee hive hair. Doing the jive, Rockin’ ’n’ rollin’ 

Youth came alive. Breaking away from the grey       

They had something to say, and they were going to say it

They were going to play it. Shake up society  

Their notoriety growing , flowing, forging a future

Where they could be free from the black.

Free to look back and see how lucky they were

You had to be there to understand

How colourless life was. back then

In the land of the bland

Then suddenly,

There were Rah-rah skirts worn by colourful flirts

In coffee bars with custom cars, parked outside

Human drainpipes in crepe soled shoes

Feeding the Juke box, playing the blues

And Elvis in the smoke

While the Teddy boys toked and society choked

On The American dream.

Brylcreamed, and blue- blue, blue suede shoed

They would change the mood of youth

No longer stooped by sadness

And the madness  of war

Passion replacing rationing

Rebelling, compelling

Things to change


To a fifties baby

Grateful maybe

For my colourful life

Thank you.


© By: - Pete Slater.   




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