How Dare You

How dare you say

That everything turned okay

That my dreams didn’t diminish

And that the pain could now finish

How dare you say

You would take away my fear

Give me a place to call home

And begin a dream here

How dare you say

It wasn’t you that betrayed

Whether it was the love of a daughter

Or that daughter’s real father

How dare you say

I would make it up

I didn’t really cry

I didn’t really try

How dare you say

At sixteen years old

The only life I’d known

Couldn’t be crushed by the hand of your own

How dare you say

I could stand up there

In front of a judge

As tears burned down my cheeks

How dare you say

Anything after you heard

The sobs across the room

When a mother heard of the stolen innocence

How dare you say

Nothing at all

When it came time to apologize

You just built up another wall

But walls crumble down

And karma comes around

And you will have nothing to say

When the world watches you fall


<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 25th Aug 2014 17:32

obviously painfully written to an extent where we as parents and Grand parents really do understand your plight and feel for you.xx

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