My First Sight of Love

It was June 24th of 2000 and 8

1 oclock in the morning I guess you can call it our first date

I was only 14 but I told you I was older

Hell, I said a lot of things that night, I was everything but sober

Luckily for me I had my best friend by my side

If it wasnt for her, little virgin me would've learn how to ride

I was talking a lot of mess saying I was gonna suck this and lick on that

The first thing that came out of your mouth was that you remember how my  ass was so fat

We met up at the park, I had a confused look on my face

I thought fuck it, let me try it and got all in your personal space

You would've been my first time but I told you I've done it before

Not only did I lie about my age and experience but I lied about wanting to move forward for more

In the back of my mind im getting excited like oooooooh wee

But seconds later I had to take a step back and come back to reality

I wasn't really ready to take it that far at that moment

But I was willing to do anything to keep you interested and going

You caught on to my drift that I was lightly trying to give off

We ended up talking for the rest of the night and left off with a kiss that felt so soft

It was 6 am when me and my friend headed back to the crib

I swear I may have been drunk but it was a night that I wish I could relive 

You instantly started claiming me on social media world wide

I remember your words it read "Out with the old bitches, in with my new wife"

I had the biggest smile on my face when  I read that the next day

I knew we'd be together forever there was nothing left more to say...

but.. i love you

◄ Prom night has began...

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