Tales from the bucket

The tale of the bucket with the easy swing handle


If I should have a field

then I would build a shed

when in it I could yield

ideals within my head

I would have a window

I’d point it at the ground

the shed itself erected

from the things that I have found,


like a door

and the galvanized sheets from another shed

that’s not a shed no more

and a roof that never was a roof

and a floor that’s no a floor

and a latch that latched in silence

like it never latched before.


And I’d have a metal bucket

and I’d make the bugger ring

by standing in the corner

an’ pissing in the thing.


If I had a Field

and in it stood my shed

and in it I was standing

my ideals within my head

pissing in my bucket

who would know?

"It’s my fucking field"


By Vinty Kneale


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