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Like whiskey aged


Slowed down

Old school

Remembered for it’s bite

Some flavors are acquired taste

Between dark history

And magic fairies 

Is a legacy of ghosts

Who will not be stilled

By death or passage into

Other dimensions

Weeds are designated

By those with shallow perspectives

Prejudice and small world views

You and I are each other in ways

I’m curious about

I can’t get to you

Without you

So I address you inquisitively

And try to learn

How to talk with you about it

As our conversation grows

I’m more titillated by your laughter

Your candor and how you leak

Insights of personal metaphysics

No me Platiques is not a value

I can settle for as a way

To work through trouble in

The world

Xs and Os

Aged pain that feels like normal

I’m not sure why your voice

Sounds like singing or why

Your silly garbage can poem

Echoes through me

Like something I need

Your cadence feels true

You confirm something I remember

You wiggle inside me like a host

Looking for home

Take this personally

If you must

You move me and

I’m afraid

That you’ll become

My worry stone

I thought I was done

But you’ve pushed a button

I’d put away

Forgive me for boring you with this

But I need something

And only you have the combination

I spend my time practicing my religion

Living an original life

May I have your attention




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