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Catching a falling star

There was a star that I once prayed to like me it was stuck out in space
Till one day it fell and I followed suit when I woke I remember your face
Suddenly the darkness was replaced by the spark of us and the way your lips taste
Everyday an urgency to be next to you no more time is waste
A new definition of hurt I've come to know to want someone this way 
I'll never hold back when intwined in 
you I give you my all till my dying day
 Could it be you're what I've been hunting for reasons for why I'm here
Everyday I'm anxious for what comes , tomorrow I don't fear 
I'll resist the tears of joy when we hold hands and dance slowly in place 
Theres no music just the overwhelming rush of how you make me feel and my heart race
I've had this dream so many times before it feels so amazing to have it while I'm awake
In your eyes I see the moon the changing of my life's tide on your shore I'm stranded in the wake 



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