The Prophet of A and E- this is a poem in my new play

Lulled and startled-

Bleeding by the babbling brook of the caged telly

Lulled and startled-

Snapped bones jar at the swish of the double doors

That shroud the curses of fun loving nurses


Skin as raw and cold as corn beef

Some teath broken

From biting the apple


This man has been picked on


And buggered

All his life

You know

He’s been squashed into all the dark corners

You know

He’s had epiphanies from knocks to the temple

And his holes have told the secret

Of who enjoys it the most;

You really know the logistics

When your beauty and intellect

Is slapped off idiotically

By one dickhead after the other


He lifts and folds delecate clothes

And puts them back in his bag again;

A thing of Beauty

Is a soft thing

That wants to stay perfect


And as I leave

I don't bother to hope for the best

Fot him

As I leave

I don't bother 

To hope

And as I leave

Pac Man chases a ghost

On the dot matrix board

Followed by s statement

About the waiting time

NHSThe Prophet

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