Hold me - when does the giving ever stop?

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Hold me

''It starts like this''

hold me

get to bed

for just a minute


I need to be held



I need to smell you

between your thighs-

through fresh panties-

after you have showered
pushing my nose against

the plump swell of your pussy
whist talking to you
smelling you
smelling your pussy
tracing your moist lips with my finger
pushing the tip of my finger into the swell
of your pudenda
hot and damp from your shower
moist from my attention
your panties creased by the probing tip of my tongue

oh god

''When does this giving ever stop?''

and always your smell
to kiss your warm giving fullness
tripping the hem of your panties

to show me your 'man's desire'
licking so lightly,

the moist lips of your womanhood
around and into the slit
deeper into the slit
my nose against the

darkening folds of labia

god baby

the heat against my skin
the aroma of the wetness

that seeps from within
the taste of that wetness
the sounds of that licking
the groans from that licking
your squirming
and tensing... and the probing
tongue and finger
working as confederates in their task
wetness a prize
lips unfolding
pinkness emerging
fingers deep within
tongue darting about


clitoris hood exposed
feeling the pleasure running
your pussy open to my gaze
your pussy exposed to my wants
smelling your pussy
smelling your cunt
watching your cunt writhe
your shuddering grow
my cock wanting refuge inside of you
to feel you grip my cock
and milk me of my cum
to spurt and judder
Oh Tommy
oh god
oh god

''When does this taking ever give back?''

cum babe
cum my baby
I love you
I love you my sweet

oh baby
Oh Tommy
thank you

Hugging you
kissing your neck
squeezing you against me

I am looking forward to

the tangle time of legs and breathing-

after love making
our love making

yes Tommy
I imagine it everyday

then sweet sleep

I love you

deep restful sleep

i can now


bye baby

goodnight my sweet

Tommy Carroll


words and foto T Carroll  re-edit

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Tue 31st Dec 2013 08:03

Wow this poem is very well written, while reading it was like a movie playing in my mind (in a good way haha). I felt the intensity that you are portraying through this poem with every line. The passion that you and your then lover,mostly U, show,is magnificent.
Everybody has different perceptions of a poem.Many have judged mine by telling me how to write it,hell,that's my job not their's! But even then,there's no stopping people from doing that.
You are right,affection is blatant in your poem,Theres no doubt about that whatsoever. The way you have put your emotions down to writing is really gripping and arresting,When I reached the ending,I wanted to yell out "Tommy don't stop!!" Haha I mean the only thing I didn't like about your poem is the fact that it came to an end!

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 19th Dec 2013 01:10

Cynthia- the poem was a word for word real-time event with a woman in another country. Love was not an issue-why should it be?- she wanted to be brought to orgasm and sleep and that was achieved- with affection. I did not prescript the exchange. The word 'love' is mentioned five times. The inference is within the text. Affection is blatant. We have never met. She lives five thousand miles away.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 18th Dec 2013 13:57

Good one, Tommy. Took a while but you got there. The description is graphically very good. Why does this poem not actually infer a deep loving association as well as an erotic nightcap? IMO, the words are there - but that is all they seem to be - words, appropriately mouthed. But there's much to be said for just, plain skill. No argument.

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 17th Dec 2013 23:39

Graham- there is a time in the affairs of man...etc

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 17th Dec 2013 22:57

Tommy, you're not John Coopey's love-child are you?

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