I will never let you know

I will never let you know


They same time heals pain

Breaking up then seemed sane

But the happy memories last

The pain is shrouded in the past


I did not think

That when I hear your name my heart would sink

And now I feel a fool

As I try and play it cool


When I see you my resolve begins to flake

I try to hide it for my own sake

Yet I am haunted by the enormity of my mistake

The mistake I pretend I didn’t make


There must have been reasons

I thought about them over the seasons

I can’t help feel they were my own making

I cannot bear the toll it’s taking


I broke up ignoring my fears

As your cheeks were wet with tears

I said no when you begged me to try

And now I can’t remember why


I realise now the mistake I made

And now I wait for the pain to fade

Self-inflicted pain I don’t want to show

But I will never let you know


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