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There is so much more to life than poetry

I would like to stay on site to follow someone who uses a pen name, but I feel there is much more to life than poetry,internet sites,books ect.

I love my life despite all the ups and down.

I have had a fascinating life full of richness and packed with laughter but those experiences don't make good poems.

I managed to get mum to go in a wheelchair we spent 3 hrs in town and tesco and laughed alot,far superior than being behind a PC.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Alex x

NB I do love poetry but you need to get out , love,cry,laugh,feel,take risks,go on adventures or else you will become stagnant and unable to write.

I have heard alot about rules in poetry over the last 18 months, well I disagree with my Law lecturer (I studied Law ten years ago)rules are meant to be broken !

Life is meant to be lived, you have to feel the passion for writing running through your veins, no degree or book can teach you that.

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