TV People

TV People



     People of little importance,

Find nowhere to go,–

Nowhere fast in slow towns

Of ignorance and they wish,

Wish to have a life - celebrity,

To be adored like The Stone Roses sing,

     But they’re watching,

Listening to the bolstered ego’s

And drones of those who

Make money from bright lights

And soft lenses,

And they treasure every word

That falls while cue cards

Reel the next paraphrase

And yes; we’re all enslaved

To the box in the room

That holds more sway

Than now dying ethics and politics,


     Orange faces

Of daubed on tans,

Orange faces never giving a damn,

Orange faces you wish to be,

Orange faces besmirching the red!


A million children died yesterday,

A million children died inside

While reaching for the remote,

A million households cried yesterday,

For a celebrity ceased their being,

     And in other news,

The mass execution of children

In war torn countries

Touched no-one at all

And while watching all this,

Treasuring the mourning

Of a celebrities death;

The human in you now conditioned

As such,

     Sits inside so ashamed,

‘Is done,’ and is dead.


Michael J Waite 3rd November 2013. 

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