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consider your condition

consider more the price we paid

consider yet a jacket

lest your broken spine betray your age

while edges yellow, sun buffed,

tar coughed & ready rubbed,

I still allow the nicotinic stain

spread across my fingered thumbs

for every page I turn speaks of

the thousand hands that opened

each leaf and countless eyes that scanned

the edifying ants which crawl

across this folio from years

before my sing song croup

developed the atonal rasp

of one with words from broken roots

◄ Gulls

where there are fish you will often find bicycles (in six days god did what?) ►


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Paul Sands

Fri 13th Dec 2013 14:33

Thank you Cynthia, I appreciate your comments immensely.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 13th Dec 2013 10:53

I really enjoy this, present tense intended, for I have come back to it more than once. It is the theme and the sustained mood that grabs me. My house is full of books both current and from other generations. It's a kind of veneration not possible without a physical object in your hand, the 'touch' of it as well as the ideas.

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