The Other Side of the Wall

The other side of the wall


Daddy Goeth was a good man.

Never brought his work home.

Gave us  hugs and  kisses

when we did as we were told.

Gave Mama a present, a lampshade.

I remember the numbers, the numbers,

 they made a pretty pattern on the wall.

Apple wood had a pleasant smell

 as it burnt in the hearth.

White smoke, black smoke,

what shade on the other side?

Too many ledgers, too many lists.

Too many doing as they are told.

(I never knew Daddy)

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Nick Coleman

Mon 21st Oct 2013 16:09

Thanks Cynthia,and yes I deserve a rap on the knuckles for typos.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 21st Oct 2013 12:47

Nick, I'm surprised no one has commented on this poem. It is quite haunting, brief and strong. Maybe it was the 'a kisses' and ' 'cos ', and people just stopped reading. Small things like that will do it. Fact is, 'a' is just a typo, and 'cos' you could have left out completely and won a better line - more compelling. Be sure to proof read after posting. But we all still make errors.

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