First Contact

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First Contact


an Inca warrior

with arms outsretched

has his prayers answered

as the shadow

of a great bird of prey

straddles the Nazca plains.


primitive intelligence

cannot comprehend

the nature of the beast

and it is hailed

as deity

by the natives.


they breed

            exchange fluid

                        intermingle genitalia

they leave


we are changed.     


                                    on a cave wall

humans daub

the pigment

from crushed

bones and lilies

carbon and blood

to record

the event


we wait


build upon the


            that they leave

until we are ready


beneath twin suns of magenta

a primitive raises hands to the skies

and the next wave starts

until there is tsunami

flooding the heavens

diluting each gene pool

until none of us

resemble our creator

anymore - but are


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