This genie spell hex you put on me will kill me.

I want to die.

I'm sick of the anxiety and shit you cause me, in my head all the time.

Why did you magically bind me to you?

We belong together? Horse shit!

You belong in the bottom block.

You're nuts and drive me insane.

I must end my life and get away from you. Permanently.

I borrowed my mate's pistol. He's a dealer.

His chrome Snub Nose 38 felt nice in my hand.

One pull of the trigger and I'm toast.

I put the gun in my mouth and close my eyes.

You're not on my mind, you fucking bitch!

Soon I'll be in paradise, far from you.

I squeeze the trigger. Bye bye bitch!


Frantic with stress I check the gun. It's loaded.

I put six 38 Dum Dum bullets in myself.

The firing pin is okay. Should be no problem.

I try to blow my fucking head off again.

I feel you trying to control me. Fuck off!


Oh Satan! What did that bitch do?

She hexed me so I can't commit suicide.

I must rush to my mate's so he can shoot me, before you come for me...

witchhexcan't do suicide




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