I just like art galleries and getting pissed

We have things to make and do, paths to blindly follow

DIY to botch and cock, won't wait until tomorrow

calculus continuum, algebraic formulae

wash the pots, darn your socks, make the fucking tea.

The ladder steps we've climbed the arses that we've kissed

regrets of books we've never read, epic films we've missed

faces never sculpted, the lack of lovers' trysts

measured, smart achievements, aspirational shopping lists.


I thumb my nose at mission statements and objectives lists

I despise business processes, I think you get the gist

this tale has no pas de deux, pirouette or twist

I am neither born again nor logical positivist 

I just like art galleries and getting pissed

I just like art galleries and getting pissed

I just like art galleries and getting pissed

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winston plowes

Thu 4th Jul 2013 23:50

Darwin + Rhyme = Magic :-)

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Simon Marks

Thu 4th Jul 2013 18:19

Every single sentiment in this poem sums up exactly how I feel. Have a pint for me...

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John Darwin

Thu 4th Jul 2013 14:48

Thanks for your comments. The title comes from a recent trip to New York. My partner wanted to do be active and touristy and I .... You know the rest

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Greg Freeman

Thu 4th Jul 2013 10:53

Nice work, John. I admire Wendy Cope's skills, and believe she would admire this poem, too. You should have entered it for the Bridport!

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Wed 3rd Jul 2013 04:38

Indeed :-D

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