(Not) Up a Height

I’m not up a height when I’m up a height

I don’t take fright

You can feel my might

See that smile – an ocean wide

As I watch man and nature collide

Vistas and blisters taken in stride

I’m not up a height, up a height

Breathless lungs, breathless scenes

Unwind the springs embedded in genes

Tension falls to the fields far below

Where imagined enemies and foes

Lurk and seek me out for fights

But I’m laughing at you from my height


But down there, my cares are always there

Lining my skin, greying my hair

Pushing and pummelling down on my shoulders

Making me feel a billion years older

Credit card bills merge with leaky pipes

Mortgage demands – the detritus of mind

I’m a bit part actor in the film of my life

Christ please – take me back to those heights


Because I’m not up a height when I’m up a height

Eyes streaked with delight

At the ever-changing sights

Projected in hi-res 3D

Not from a silver-skinned DVD

But in a non-warped reality

'Cos I’m not up a height, up a height

The roar of the traffic’s a far distant hum

Inane conversation’s heard by no one

I’m hidden from you, but you can’t hide

I’m king of the hill, ruler of minds

Emperor of my wind-blasted site

I’m not up a height, up a height

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Simon Marks

Wed 5th Jun 2013 14:02

My tribute to hillwalkers everywhere!

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