Violent Ends

The day I came in bouncing happy,

You cut my legs off at the knees.

At the time you said I'm sorry,

I have no capacity for such frivolity.


You tore my arms off at my elbows,

Because my touch left you exposed

to thoughts you never choose to show

and my love of hugging was a no-no.


You stitched my lips with copper wire,

Silenced my expressions of desire,

You said I should learn more patience,

My urgent kisses must be extinguished.


You superglued my fanny closed,

you could not bear the way it oozed,

Such evidence of untidy lust

meant all that grew was your disgust.


You sealed my ears with plasticine,

You felt it right to intervene

As should I hear one stray soft word,

Our tilting world might be disturbed.


You hid my eyes behind a mask,

Best that I should embrace the dark,

Never to bask in a careless glance

Or loving look which you might make.


With an iron axe you spliced my skull

Cleaved in half my left and right

My thoughts, you see, were never dull

And daydreaming of you was my delight.


But you didn’t crush my thumping heart,

I’m so sorry that it stayed intact,

The one thing you didn’t tear apart

Should have been your first most savage act




Inspired by Emminem & Rhianna's Love the Way You Lie

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Rose Casserley

Thu 11th Apr 2013 19:34

and thankfully joining you
am I,for that inspiration.

Lovely poem.x

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