Cat. Prize competition last few days

In the past, competitions of this kind have attracted over 20 entries but it looks like either times have changed or the topic isn't sufficiently inspiring. Anyway, on the off-chance there is a late rush, here is the original post again -

Many of us have enjoyed the informal competitions which have run on WOL from time to time. There may be some interest in trying again, so here goes. 

  1. The theme is either "Cat out of the bag" or "Cat among the pigeons". The poem, or poems, have to have something, however tenuous, to do with one of these themes.

  2. It should be blogged in January. It would help if it was tagged “Cat comp”

  3. I'll post a reminder near the end of the month. On Feb 1st I'll blog a list of all the poems written on the theme in the month and invite votes.

  4. Our very own Alternative Voting System. Two votes per WOL member numbered 1 and 2, for your first and second choice. Don't vote for yourself. Votes to be emailed by end of play Feb 5th to me at

  5. In case of a tie for first or second place on first choices, second choices wll be taken into account. I won't enter or vote but will use a casting vote if even AV delivers a tie. There will only be one winner and only one second placed poem. The winner can nominate a charity to receive a £10 donation. Second placed poet can nominate a charity to receive a £5 donation

If there is a good response the winner may like to suggest a theme for February, though should feel under no pressure to come up with another prize.


Cat comp

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