Old Laddies





Okay fine folk of Write Out Loud……….and Nick! It was bin some time nuw that myself have written anything of umour, most of my werk pondering the more makaber of lifes machinashions. To this end, myselv have conduced a piece of wirk that gos some way into eleeviating the prejudism that is a-ssosiated with the more eldery of our populous. It is a werk that took some fine choonging, and considers all the very best points in aore elederly people. It is as you will read, not without forethought, and teks into consideration mine oun humble feelings when considering this very valuabel part of our lives together ere in britin. It is entitled – Old laddies!


Without much ferverour adoo, here is the poem, pwease read on for an inspirational commetery that touches the sole and warms the heart.


Old Laddies


Old Laddies stink of pish,

Sometimes it is oestrogen,

I love me old laddies I do,

But I couldnae shag a live one.




I thank you!

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 26th Jan 2013 17:02

great but a tad puzzling Mike. Have you mis-spelt Ladies or are you after the old boys?Isobel may think it gross but you should hear what the bus drivers round our way call the elderly who whiff a bit! xx

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Sat 26th Jan 2013 05:52

he he, I know Isobel. Actually I do have a lot of respect for the elderly, they have been through times much more difficult than what we complain about! But sometimes, my humor cannot resist as like us all, we all deserve a little comedy taken out sometimes. (we tend to take ourselves so seriously). Sadly though, my humor has got me into trouble in the past and I dare say it will happen again. (and to be honest I couldn't be serious if i tried) I deal with a hex that parodies my every moment. I hope they don't find it too offensive and can see the comedy. Stay well Isobel and best wishes to all, including our elderly folk. xxx

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Fri 25th Jan 2013 19:13

Lol - just as well you don't do humour too often Mike - this is gross!

I'll forgive you though - I don't suppose many pishy old laddies would want to shag you anyway ;)


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