The last whine !

A man joins a monastery and makes a vow to be quiet.

Committing himself for seven years to a verbal diet.

He was allowed to utter two words every seven years.

His mouth remained shut even after a few beers.


Seven years go by and he utters ,"No pay !"

The elders nod and send him away.

Another seven years pass and he utters ,"Noisy birds !"

The elders nod and take note of his words.


Another seven years pass and he utters ,"I'm resigning !"

"Good !"said the elders,"We were getting really fed up with your whining."


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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 20th Jan 2013 16:52

Steve is obviously into higher mathematics.
The question that bothers me is whether we can accept as 2 words 'I'm resigning' which actually contains 3 words ( or remnants thereof)See I know my numbers up to 10 too but I never got to 20 - feet too smelly!
Anyway back to the ode. Well done Hugh I'd a feeling there was a gag in there somewhere but I didn't spot it beforehand. much giggling.xx

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Steve Higgins

Sun 20th Jan 2013 12:52

The thing is, thats ten words for the elders and at a rate of two every seven years it must have took them a while to say that, unless they pooled their words together, say there were five of them saying two each . .
Made me laugh anyway, thanks Hugh!

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