Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays



It’s all change here

We’ll watch telly in a brand new

Location, location, location

They have different news you know here

And funny foreign soaps

In between the normal English stuff

We’ll drink our tins on stripy chairs

Rubbing factor 5 into hairy backs

On scrubby patches of grass

Or dog shit beaches

While the children fight

And Mum screams she’s had enough

‘Cause the family’s condensed here

Problems are shoe-horned

Into one bed chalets

With fold out couches

For when the kids are asleep

We’ll share a salt air snog here

And smell the frozen seas

On our way to the daily cabaret

The drinks are on me here

We saved up all year

A tiny little bit a week

One less scratch card

One less pack of cigs

To feed the slidey machines here

And buy suggestive rock

And Cha Cha Slide the night away

On endless Bacardi Breezers

A couple of quid less on the ‘lectric

A couple of quid less on the gas

‘Cause next year’s Pontins

Is holding us at PayPoint



◄ Thank goodness the NHS can't keep to my pre-arranged appointment times!

For anyone who got a crappy instrument to play in music lessons at high school ►


<Deleted User> (4446)

Fri 16th Jan 2009 18:20

brings back memories. I never went abroad as a kid. Nice one!

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Gus Jonsson

Thu 15th Jan 2009 17:58

You see everything forget nothing....I love your poetry...even when your not trying!

Impressed as ever

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