Cyanide Footsteps, Arsenic Touch

 poem from my new book co written with Mel Grobler, link under my poem...

Cyanide Footsteps, Arsenic Touch

Everything about you is toxic. Your lethal kiss at dawn ending my life in a moment. Your breath stagnant when you stand in my personal space.


The rasping assault on my eardrums when you shout at me, imploding my head. What of your arsenic touch, killing me by ruining my very cells?

Unstoppable assaults on innocent me. What did I do to you? Tell me lady of the night? I paid for sex. You won't list the Sexually Transmitted Diseases I got off you or what your pimp did to me.

One thing is for sure. I stole your Derringer pistol and revenge will be mine. One bullet for you and your pimp.

ice cold revengemurderous intentpay for sexSTDstolen pistol

◄ New Beginnings (by Mel)



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