Trading Bullets for Lives in Acts of Freedoms

I wrote this piece - inspired by Andrew Fusek Peters words.



Trading Bullets for Lives in Acts of Freedoms



Have you ever held a rifle with a full magazine?

Have you ever felt the weight of just one round

In the hand;- your hands?

Have you ever listened after a fire-fight –

Where null and avoidance is returned in hate?

A claiming of valiant crusade coursing

False through your soul?

Have you ever tended the children

With entry and exit wounds?

Have you ever upheld the laws of

Freedoms and liberty while taking

The life - newly born?

Are you here for peace or political will

-          To participate lost courage

In beholding a gun?

Do you feel powerful in mastering

Your skill that as a civilian you should

Not need entertain,

Are you proliferate in handing

Out bullets of fate

With an eye on targets to proclaim yourself


     Are you a democrat, republican,

Never feeling no shame for the arms

That have taken more lives

In a year,

Than your soldiers battling

Far away shores?

      Are you really sure you want to uphold

Your freedom of will to carry the gun?

Are you sure your fellow citizens

Are as free as you think,

While dodging bullets of insanity

For selfish reprieve?

     Are you really sure this is the freedom

You speak?

Are you sure?

Are you really sure?



Michael J Waite. 31st December 2012.

gun laws USA

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Mon 31st Dec 2012 14:32

I'm sure a lot of people would agree with you on this one Mike. The thought of people having that kind of 'liberty' is a horrifying prospect. I'm just so glad we don't have that kind of mentality or reality in this country.


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